One who kindles the light of awareness within gets true light. Rig Veda

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Students practice in sitting twist.

Yoga for the 21st Century
The ancient art and science of yoga offers many benefits to the dedicated practitioner. Yoga, a holistic approach to well-being, addresses the unhealthy imprinting of life’s journey within the body and mind. 

Yoga offers a variety of techniques to recondition one’s behaviors, thoughts and emotions while aligning and restoring one's relationship to spirit, so the best and finest of life can be experienced and expressed.

Through the yogic practices of; yogasana, breathing, the do’s and don’ts of healthy living, sense withdrawal, concentration, and finally meditation, ones consciousness expands into a transcendental state of self-acceptance and realization~ where all can be transformed. 

At Bliss Body we will help you build a yoga practice that you can LIVE! 



Yoga is more than exercise.  
It is an experience in self- awareness!    Laura Ates