Laura Ates is a floating butterfly on the aerial swings.

Stress brought me to yoga. I worked in an extremely stressful career – social worker turned executive director of a start-up non-profit civil legal services provider. I wanted a way to take care of myself incorporating exercise and relaxation to help keep me centered and whole as I was pulled in multiple directions on a daily basis, working to keep all in play. 

Over the years, I dabbled with yoga, stopping and starting, depending upon what was going on in mylife. Lack of discipline and the inability to honor my worth gave me every excuse in the world not to pursue what I knew was the best form of exercise that I had ever done. Inwardly, I realized that at some point I would return to yoga. Little did I realize in my early years of yoga practice, all the additional benefits that it would provide, helping me hang onto myself during life’s tumultuous periods. 

As I suspected, I returned to yoga again and again, finding inner-strength and developing a passion for my practice. The more I experienced the benefits of yoga, the more I felt pulled toward seeking certification as an instructor. In 2010, I started teaching part time at a neighborhood church – I am still there today and my class attendance keeps growing.

In December 2015,  I retired from my full time executive director job. During the 29 years in which I juggled multiple demands and tasks of both my career and personal life – it was yoga that was instrumental in helping me to stay centered and grounded. Finding the balance to work, love and live to our full potential is easier said than done. I am delighted to now pursue my passion for yoga and expand my teaching through my retirement years. Doing something that I love, through which I am able to sustain myself, gives me the opportunity to help others find the same passion and sustainability. Who could ask for anything more!  Bursting with gratitude is the only way I can describe how blessed I am to bring others this practice.  While I experimented with many forms of yoga, once I discovered Tri Yoga, I was hooked.

Tri Yoga is practiced worldwide and is acknowledged as a powerful, yet gentle practice that accomidates all levels of students regardless of age or condition.

Founded by internationally renowned yogini, Kaliji (Kali Ray). Taught in 40+ countries by over 1650 certified teachers with 62 Tri Yoga Centers. Students develop precise natural alignment, strength, flexibility, endurance, and a longer, more rhythmic breath.

I began my Tri Yoga training with numerous Senior Tri Yoga teachers locally and nationally and was most fortunate to have Master Yoga teacher, Laura Ates work with me over the years in regular weekly small group settings to expand my knowledge base beyond the physical poses of the practice. 

Founder, Yogini Kali Ray certified me in 2012 after years of independent study and practice with her, as well as her master teachers. Knowing my devotion to the teachings and my personal practice, Kali Ray graced me with my yogic name of Rachana, meaning creation in 2009. Today, my education continues by attending workshops locally, nationally and internationally with a variety of teachers in a variety of practices, which expose me to broad and diverse group of students and teachers around the country.

Basic tools of gentle movement, focused breathing and mindfulness all work to keep us healthy and happy. Yoga has been available to us for thousands of years and scientific studies continue to affirm it’s benefits. Yoga is the antidote to today’s fast paced, stressful and overly stimulated world we live in. Yoga is for everyone.  Come join me. Through applying the principles of yoga-flow, one begins to feel the life-flow. Extension in all directions expands awareness. Relaxation-in- action allows one to maintain balance. Rhythm of body and breath tunes one to the inner dance. Economy of movement cultivates having only thoughts that are needed. Wavelike movements remind us to remain at peace within the pair of opposites. - Yogini Kaliji


Rachel Piercey