Bliss Body is proud to be the first studio in the entire South to offer the bellicon rebounders which are the highest quality, best performing fitness mini trampoline in world designed with bungee chords instead of springs. NASA scientist have studied the health benefits of rebounding and here are just a few: 1) increases bone density 2) lowest impact exercise besides swimming 3) aids in lymphatic and cardiovascular circulation 4) lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels 5) enhances digestion and elimination 6) stimulates metabolism 7) strengthens the pelvic floor 8) improves balance 9) circulates oxygen to tissues- where there is oxygen there can not be disease 10) allows for deeper sleep Bliss Body's bellicon workouts are for clients both young and old, athletic or out of shape. You will reach new levels of fitness and health while having a great time doing it in our Temple of Bliss, adorned with disco lights and great music! Come get BLISSED!